“When the voice and the vision on the inside is more profound, and more clear and loud than all opinions on the outside, you've begun to master your life” 


~ John F. Demartini



Dr Aaron Roughan has been studying health and human behaviour since the 1990s and has formulated a unique integrative approach to address stress and the mind/body relationship to help clients to move, digest, think and feel well.


After completing a University degree in health psychology and behavioural change he undertook a five year Chiropractic qualification to become a registered primary health care practitioner in New Zealand and Australia. Since graduation, further studies and certification in Professional Applied Kinesiology, and training under his father – an Applied Kinesiology Chiropractor for over 35 years -gave him a solid foundation in nutrition, functional pathology testing and manual muscle testing. 

Studying and utilising powerful stress reduction tools such as NeuroEmotional Technique and the Demartini Method gives Dr Aaron a unique integrative approach to help clients be aligned and 'move, digest, think and feel well'.


Dr Aaron serves and empowers clients through one on one practitioner consultations, online or phone consultations, workplace talks and group workshops.


Areas that Dr Aaron has a special interest in is Sympathetic Dominance – chronic stress with associated neck, shoulder and back tension. Headaches. Dizziness. 

Mental and emotional stress, anxiety, overwhelm, lack of purpose and drive.

Digestion issues, bloating, constipation, hormone imbalances, fatigue and exhaustion. 

- Second generation integrative                    Chiropractor from the South Island of      New Zealand.

- Certification in Professional Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-Emotional Technique and functional psychology.

- Certified in New Zealand and Australia where I have been working in a leading integrative practice for the last four years.

Qualified and excels in:

  • Integrative structural emotional and nutritional dysfunctions

  • Chiropractic -Spinal and extremities

  • Chiropractic - Cranial

  • Professional Applied Kinesiology

  • NeuroEmotional Technique (NET)

  • (www.netmindbody.com)

  • Global health consulting online


To help align people so they can express their truth.