Thank you again for organising this workshop. I really enjoyed it. It was a really nice group of people. Working with a small group of people like that, compare to a one on one session, makes you realise that you are not quite alone in this journey and is motivating. Everyone in the room had different life experience and history but at the end we were all here to move forward, learn and share how to do this. 

  I really like the first part of the presentation, but my favourite part was the work on the star diagram. Even though I find it quite hard to balance perceptions but it was quite an 'eye-opener' exercise. 

Can't wait for the next workshop ! 


~ Isabella

  I have been looking at some of these issues (higher values, truth) from other perspectives (Buddhism, chakra healing, qigong) but this was just so succinct, it was the final nail in the coffin for me and came at the perfect time. I change by learning things, questioning them, challenging, finding what makes sense for me, then it takes time to move this from my brain to my heart, to integrate it.

  I have already spoken to you about having more control over shifting these things myself, and I'm looking forward to continuing to use the technique and see how it goes.

~ Michelle

  Also it's great to spend time to review behaviour patterns that we take for granted, I'm fairly self aware, but learning more about the hows and whys of NET and these blockages from a physiological perspective really helped to uncover some aspects I'd been overlooking... I could talk on this for hours! 


~ Kylie


A kind, knowledgeable and effective healer!

  I felt wonderful results immediately after one session with Aaron. After 3-4 sessions, I was a new person. He offers a compassionate and intuitive approach in combination with structural and anatomical knowledge and experience. Whether visiting or living in Sayulita, you can benefit tremendously from a session with him!


~ Chel, Mexico, 2017

Amazing and deep healing work!

  Receiving healing work from Dr. Aaron was such a special gift. He is not only a talented and intuitive chiropractor, but he is truly dedicated to his work and purpose, and he’s invested in the physical and emotional wellness of his patients. He gave me an accurate assessment and helped me with many different health challenges simultaneously from a holistic approach, including my chronically hurting spine and thyroid issues. On my trips to Sayulita, every adjustment I received from him was deep and transformational and if you’re considering visiting him I absolutely recommend it!


~ Habeeba, Mexico, 2017

Thank you Aaron

  So glad I came in the other day, Aaron gave me some new info on an old problem i've been dealing with for years, thanks again Aaron.


~ Jeff, USA, 2017



"The biggest thing I think it’s given me is just a huge load of hope. I realize it’s something I need to keep working on but the hope it’s given me is the biggest thing I'm grateful for."