ENTRE AMIGOS - Giving to the community


ROGO (Recieve One, Give One) is an initiative set up by Dr Aaron in Nayarit to help serve the local people. For everyone that comes into practice to receive a spinal and nerve system assessment, one is gifted to a local person.

To help expand the awareness into the importance of prevention and wellbeing - that is, being conscious of how we eat, move, think and express when it comes to our health and life - participants of ROGO are encouraged to pay it forward and give something of value to someone else as a token of appreciation of what they are receiving.

This has included so far to picking up trash on the beach, cooking dinner for mum, to listening to a friend who is going through a hard time to many other small but significant acts of service and kindness. 

The majority of health challenges come from conditioned, repetitive, subconscious destructive behaviours, in this way we are able to make a real change in the consciousness of the area by empowering the individual with their choices.

Currently the ROGO sessions are held at great organisation of Entre Amigos in San Pancho, with the help of their lovely staff.

Please visit the Entreamigo webppage to learn more about this nonprofit organisation.