"So glad I came in the other day, Aaron gave me some new info on an old problem I've been dealing with for years, thanks again Aaron."

Jeff, USA, 2017

Experienced Physical therapist in Sayulita


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Paraiso Yoga,

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63734, Sayulita, Mexico


Initial Consultation
History and physical examination to determine function of the body and how the nerve system is controlling it.

Addressing structural, nutritional and emotional causes. From here it will be determined which of the following are best suited to help you with your specific goals.

Chiropractic -Spinal and extremities
Check and adjust to improve integrity of the joints, addressing the underlying cause. 

Dr. Aaron Roughan chiropractic service

Sayulita is located 45 min drive from Puerto Vallarta's International Airport and 20 min drive Bucerias. Aaron's office is easy to arrive with a car or bus, as the reception is located one block from the bus station. 

Dr. Aaron also meets clients in San Pancho, Nayarit.

Chiropractic - Cranial

Assessment and gentle correction of the subtle movement of cranial joints and how the TMJ (Jaw joint) relates to other areas of your body

Professional Applied Kinesiology

Functional muscle testing and rebalancing. Interested in muscles, joints and organs relationship with one another and the balance of strucural, nutritional and emotional causes.

NeuroEmotional Technique (NET)

A powerful, quick, mindbody stress reduction technique (

Perception collapse and reset

Over Skype or phone, a series of sessions and questions to break down limited stuck emotions and beliefs and creating what is aligned for you

Such a beautiful part of the world, enjoyed so much more when we feel aligned and free in our body.


If you are visiting Sayulita for a short time, or you have made this place home, I have found it is an amazing place to connect with nature, with ourselves, to do the things that are most important to us, and a great opportunity to do some healing.


Ideally a series of sessions, give the best results and neuroplastic changes occur in the brain and joints and the body unwinds stress patterns. Yet even for those that I see for just one or two visits, it starts the process of healing and have great impact. There is something about being somewhere new, away from the daily routines and habits than can accumulate stress and tension that aids in the healing process.


I also offer online consults for those that wish to continue with healing guidance once they're back home. 


Enjoy your time here, do yourself a favour, address the cause, rather than chasing and masking symptoms.


All the best


Dr Aaron

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I am a second generation integrative Chiropractor from the South Island of New Zealand. I was certified in New Zealand and Australia where I have been working in a leading integrative practice for the last four years.

I have certification in Professional Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-Emotional Technique and functional psychology. I came to Mexico to attend a leading neuro behavioural change workshop and consequently helped with the workers post Earthquake in Mexico City.

My purpose is simple and powerful: To help align people so they can express their truth.

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