Aligning health and business goals to achieve greater productivity. 7 Strategies

The health of our personal life and business life are intricately interwoven. If we are merely surviving with our health, we are not going to be thriving in business.

1.Being grateful for our challenges. If there is something you're doing now that you believe isn't exactly what you want to be doing, list the benefits of the specific tasks that you are currently doing to your higher purpose

2. Know your values and drives so you can be authentic. Understanding what your personal drives are crucial in understanding your inspiration, what has meaning for you, and avoiding the draining habit of comparing to others. This will help with your 'why', your aim. As Napolean Hill stated in Think and grow rich 'Take no credit, take no blame, just stay focused on the chief aim”

Click on this link: for specific questions to help determine your personal truths to help you live your authentic self.

3. Check you ego at the door when in business meetings. The discussions are about the business, not about you. By honouring that others will have a different set of values from yourself will help you achieve more through collaboration. Collaboration is the new competition.

4. Rituals: Results in health, like business is the end result of what we do often, rather than what we do occasionally. What is the best way to predict these results? Daily habits, or rituals. A morning habit of stretching, meditation, surfing and fueling the body with healthy fats and protein will ensure the mind and body are fueled ready for problem solving.

5. Being present. A great way to be present is focus on The one thing. As Gary Keller mentions in his book of the same name, there are many tasks we are OK at, others that we are pretty good at, and other tasks we are great, at but there is one thing we can do in the moment that we are amazing at.

6. Emotional state: Having the ability to shift your emotional state can be the difference between draining you energy and being stuck in the past, to having the ability to move forward and create new opportunities. The way we do that is shift our physiology- breathing, moving, a cold swim, swimming.

7. Move your body. Movement – especially new movement patterns - is crucial for brain function. Steve Jobs preferred conducting his important conversations whilst walking as he stated it helped him think clearer.

Healthy full range of motion of the joints of the body improves the afferent input into the cerebellum and frontal lobes of the brain, thus decreasing stress and improving our ability to be more productive. Chiropractic adjustments are great for this – see link below.

In our busy world, attempting to do all of these steps in one day may seem a challenge. Incremental steps are the key as is having an accountability buddy to help you take responsibility and thrive in your personal and professional lives.

Ido Portal has beautiful movement patterns and philosophy.

Chiropractic research regarding afferent input and frontal lobe activation through adjustments

Roland is a consultant, innovator and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the IT industry. His passion is to help people and organizations achieve optimum productivity through digital transformation.

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