Personal Truth Process. Identification Questions

To uncover your personal drives and values.


Answer questions honestly. Answer them as to what your life represents, rather than what you think it should be.

Be as specific and concise as possible. Avoid long answers.

All of your answers represent what has meaning and purpose in your life.

Once finished tally up the same or similar answers and write down the 3 most frequent answers.

Tip: The more you do this process the more specific your answers become. Over 10 years my answers haven't changed, they have just become a lot more specific

1.What topic/s give you energy at the end of a dinner party where you were previously feeling tired?

2. What are you known for? (what would others say is important to you?)

3. How do you choose to spend your time? (work or school has to be in there if that's what you do, and what do you spend your time doing there the most)

4. What/who do you give your attention to?

5. What do you have in your space? (bedroom/apartment/phone)

6. What do you look up on the web/FB?(what do you read about most?)

7. When you were younger (0-12) what were you good at?

8. What are your guilty pleasures? (yes this is the 'dark' part of ourselves – our shadow- that we aren't proud of, yet we still do it)

9. Go to a stressful part of your life – what did you do - specifically, to help you be more empowered? (what was it a catalyst for you to do?)

10. What is something that bothers you in the world that you are compelled to do something about?

11. What were you voids growing up? (perceive as missing)

Require more clarification?

Ask yourself the question: Is this what my life truly represents?

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reading: The Values Factor. Dr Demartini

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