Relief/Intensive phase:

This is what I describe as putting out the fire stage. Not everybody starts here but when people come in with high stress and tension, more care initially is important to help make physiological changes in the shortest possible time. Typical time frame 6-12 weeks.


Regenerative/corrective phase:

This is laying the foundation of the house. This is crucial as dysfunction often has been present for a long time. Regeneration and correction of the underlying causes are crucial building blocks for health and wellbeing. 

Typical time frame: 12weeks – 18 months


Wellbeing Health, like life, is about the journey.

This phase of care is about asking the questions:

What kind of life do I want and what health function is required for that?

How long do I plan to live for and what quality of life do I want when I'm older?

What challenge inspires me?

Am I empowered and aligned in different areas of my life?

Do I want to be proactive or reactive with my health?  



Visits typically are a little less frequent as this is more about being proactive and keeping well to do the things you love.


Typical time frame: As long as you want more life in your years, rather than just years in your life.

Initial Consultation: The aim of this visit is to determine what you have going on, and if we can help. It involves putting the pieces of your health puzzle together.

Having the right candidates for our care is important.


This visit will include: A thorough history of present and past health stressors.

Physical examination as determined by your major challenges and health history.

Often more testing will be ordered to add to your baseline data, that may be spinal x-rays, blood, urine, saliva or stool tests, or emotional stress questionnaires.


Report of Findings: 2nd visit

This is where your findings are explained, if you are a good candidate for start care, and if so, what is the primary area of focus. Your specific individualised care plan is discussed at this visit. 


Progress Visit: We assess your care at a predetermined time in your care plan – typically after 6 weeks.




"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions"


~ Dr John Demartini ~